Hi, I’m Mike and I occasionally do cool shit while I’m asleep. I first read about lucid dreaming and its benefits in 2011. It was the most fascinating thing I’d come across, but I was too busy lazy to put any work into learning how to do it. In mid-2013, plagued by insomnia, bad dreams, and general dissatisfaction, I got to work.

It took me almost three months from the time I decided I wanted to have lucid dreams before I actually had one, but I’ll never forget the moment I looked up at the moon in a dream, saw the earth instead, and realized I was dreaming. As I had more and more lucid dreams, unpleasant dreams became rarer, bouts of insomnia became less frequent and less severe, and my relationship to my own life became more positive.

It’s the last part, the connection between our lucid dreams and our lives, that I’m particularly interested in. Our days seem to shape the content of our dreams, and the mood of our dreams perfume our days. Becoming actively involved in this cycle (without trying to micromanage the life out of your dreams) improves all parts of it. The more I experienced this, the more driven I became to connect with others curious about the intersection between lucid dreaming and waking life.

There are some things that are ubiquitous across other lucid dreaming sites that might not show up much here. I’m not particularly interested in induction techniques or technologies. It’s not that I don’t think these things are important, but there are already many worthwhile resources and vibrant communities for people who haven’t had a lucid dream yet and need to start with the basics (I have a list of recommended resources here). I think the community is ready for at least one site that for people that are already getting lucid on a semi-regular basis.


Totally new to lucid dreaming? It’s briefly explained here.

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