Month: October 2015

Stephen LaBerge at SAND15 October 22, 2015.


{An earlier version of this post listed the pre-conference workshop as taking place on the 24th. This has been fixed to reflect the correct date: October 22, 2015. Stephen will be presenting during the actual conference as well}

I’ve had the tremendous privilege of meeting Stephen LaBerge several times. I consider myself very fortunate that he’s been serving as a bit of lucid dreaming mentor to me in recent months (which is not to say he endorses any of the content or ideas on my site!).

For anyone in the Bay Area, or with the means to travel there, Stephen will be holding a 3-hour workshop immediately prior to the Science and Nonduality Gathering 2015. Stephen’s workshop will take place on Thursday, October 22, 2015 from 2 PM – 5 PM. at the Dolce Hayes Mansion. You can register here.

Stephen will also be engaging in panel discussions on  lucid dreaming throughout the conference. Among the other speakers and presenters on lucid dreaming, Fariba Bogzaran and B. Alan Wallace are favourites of mine as well.