The Gaping Lotus Experience


I was poking around the Lucidity Institute FAQs this afternoon (What? That’s not how you spend your Saturday afternoons?) and came across this factoid:

Drugs in the LSD family, including psilocybin and tryptamines actually stimulate REM sleep (in doses small enough to allow sleep), leading to longer REM periods. We do not recommend the use of drugs without proper guidance nor do we urge the breaking of laws.

I also do not recommend the use of drugs without proper guidance, nor do I urge the breaking of laws. Longer REM periods help, but there are much, much easier ways to have lucid dreams. However, I was asked about this at the seminar I held last month and I incorrectly speculated that psychedelics could wreak havoc on sleep cycles and should be avoided by aspiring lucid dreamers. Sorry about that. While there are no specific studies referenced here, I consider the Lucidity Institute a reliable source. The FAQs itself can shed some light on their scientific qualifications.


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