Month: September 2015

Toronto Lucid Dreaming Seminar – Monday, September 28


About a month ago, I tweeted some ideas for articles I would be publish here in the near future. That obviously hasn’t happened yet. If it’s any consolation, it’s because I’ve been quite busy with lucid dream-related projects. Of course, I can’t actually talk about most of those projects yet, so the consolation it provides may be limited.  

The one thing I can talk about now is that I’ll be giving another introductory talk on lucid dreaming at the beautiful Float Stress Relief and Wellness Centre at 7 PM Monday, September 28th.  It’s $10 or pay-what-you-can.

The Centre is located north of Lawrence Ave. on Yonge St. It’s north enough of Lawrence that I’d recommend taking the bus a few stops from Lawrence Station if you’re planning on taking transit. Google will make it look like you could also walk from York Mills station, but that way is quite hilly.

The talk will focus on 4 foundational practices I think can really help a beginner start to have lucid dreams without the 3 months of frustration I went through before I finally had one.  They are:

  • Dream Journaling
  • Reality Checks
  • Understanding Sleep and Good Sleep Hygiene
  • Mindfulness Practices

The content will be similar if you attended the previous introductory talk I gave in August, but this stuff has been on my mind non-stop since then, and I’ve refined some my thinking and approach in several areas.

The Gaping Lotus Experience


I was poking around the Lucidity Institute FAQs this afternoon (What? That’s not how you spend your Saturday afternoons?) and came across this factoid:

Drugs in the LSD family, including psilocybin and tryptamines actually stimulate REM sleep (in doses small enough to allow sleep), leading to longer REM periods. We do not recommend the use of drugs without proper guidance nor do we urge the breaking of laws.

I also do not recommend the use of drugs without proper guidance, nor do I urge the breaking of laws. Longer REM periods help, but there are much, much easier ways to have lucid dreams. However, I was asked about this at the seminar I held last month and I incorrectly speculated that psychedelics could wreak havoc on sleep cycles and should be avoided by aspiring lucid dreamers. Sorry about that. While there are no specific studies referenced here, I consider the Lucidity Institute a reliable source. The FAQs itself can shed some light on their scientific qualifications.


Lucid Dreaming Experience (Vol. 4, No. 2)


This quarter’s issue of the Lucid Dreaming Experience focusing on healing lucid dreams came out this morning. I helped with the editing of submissions and submitted one of my own dreams this quarter. They also agreed to advertise this very website among the weblinks on the last page. A baby step towards an active and passionate readership here I hope.

I’ve scanned through it a bit and this seems like a pretty rich issue. The interview with G. Scott Sparrow is particularly good.